Highly skilled VMware Support in Europe
Powered by TeraSky & ITQ
Supporting your Integrated VMware Environment
Customers often require external skills for 3rd level VMware support on their integrated IT environments.

With highly skilled VMware professionals that have extensive experience in integrating VMware products, we bring faster resolution times, a structural more healthy infra environment and a relieve of management of cross-supplier incidents.
We are Sky-TQ.
A company built on a passion for IT, where people matter and where bringing value to our customer is our key purpose.

We provide highly-skilled and pro-active VMware support services in Europe.

We are founded by TeraSky and ITQ, two leading VMware partners, covering all VMware competences and understanding the integration of VMware products in customer environments.
TeraSky is based in Israël and co-located in Lithuania, offering services to global customers around the globe.
Today ITQ is the number one VMware knowledge partner in the BeNeLux, delivering consultancy services throughout Europe.
Highly-skilled based VMware support service
Highly-skilled 3rd level support with an integration mindset, including root cause analysis and problem management. No protocol-approach.

Our transparent process gives continuous insight into the status of your support tickets.

Including pro-active services like a regular health check and an update service for VMware developments.
Workflow maintenance
Support on the logic that automates your environment.

Often these workflows are complex code. We keep these workflows alive and advise on the needed changes in case of environment updates.
Knowledge service to your engineers.

Enabling our customers on 'how-to' questions, structural access to high-skilled engineers and the ability of having training on the job.
Remote proactive monitoring.

Instead of reacting to incidents, this service enables you to have pro-active resolutions, based on automatic logging to our support center.
We believe in delivering real value for our customers
Qualitative value
  • Guarantee on fast highly-skilled & transparent support
  • Better guarantee on structural healthy environment
  • Quick access to knowledge
  • Increase your employee satisfaction
Cost reduction
  • Reallocate own support capacity on strategic changes
  • Faster incident resolution
  • Better utilization of your infra environment
Cost avoidance
  • Preventing increase of staffing costs
  • Reduced outages that impact business services
  • Prevention of incidents
We like to do things differently
Three strong and distinctive values are centered in the heart of Sky-TQ:
We always strive for helping our customers the best we can, being proud when the real value is delivered.

We invest profoundly and continuously in our people.

We believe that very satisfied customers and employees are the real guarantees for sustainable business.

We have all the integration skills and experience to understand and deliver our customers' needs.
Sharing knowledge is important to us
Sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.

We believe knowledge is key in our existence.

By actively sharing our knowledge we contribute to a strong VMware ecosystem, improving the value and supporting the sustainability of that eco-system.
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